Carlcare Extended Warranty Cards for TECNO, Infinix and itel Smartphones

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Having our customers' satisfaction at the core, Carlcare Service always strives to provide them the best value for their money. Here is yet another way to do so! Our Extended Warranty Service for TECNO, Infinix, and itel mobile phone users.

An exclusive warranty package that extends the warranty by additional 365 days, the service is strategically rolled out to give our customers complete peace of mind, even after their phone warranty expires. 

Having the extended warranty plan activated on their mobiles, itel, TECNO and Infinix users don’t have to worry about the unforeseen repair cost for two years from their phone purchase date. First-year is covered by the standard warranty, while the next year will be covered by our additional warranty plan. 

The Best Care Your Device Deserves!!!

As the name suggests, Carlcare extended warranty service primarily aims to provide extended care and protection to your smartphone. It lets you enjoy the same warranty service for an additional year. All technical and mechanical failures that your device may face will be covered under this plan, and you get FREE repair against these issues at Carlcare authorized service centers.


4 Easy Steps to Buy Carlcare Extended Service:

Step:1 Check Eligibility: The plan is launched exclusively for TECNO, itel, and Infinix smartphones. You can get it if your phone is purchased within 300 days.

Step:2 Buy Your Plan: Visit your nearest Carlcare service center and get the plan for your specific phone model.

Step:3 Activate The Plan: the warranty service can be activated through Carlcare App. Our team at the service center will assist you in case you're not sure of the process. 

Step:4 Enjoy the Warranty Benefits: The extended warranty will start once your standard warranty expires.

Similar to the standard phone warranty, it doesn’t cover physical damages to your device as well the accessories like Battery, Earphone, Charger, or any other cosmetic part received within the handset box.

Benefits of Extended Warranty Cards?

Convenience and Peace-of-mind

Phone breakdowns are stressful, to say the least. The moment you notice any glitch, the panic starts to kick in, especially after your phone warranty has expired. 

Carlcare EWC has been designed keeping this unfortunate situation in mind. With this warranty plan, you get free phone repairs at authorized Carlcare centers for additional 365 days. Also, no need to look around for quality repair, and no worries of hefty repair costs even after the standard warranty has expired.

Quality Repair at Authorized Centers

Extended warranty service means your phones are in safe hands. Along with best-in-class repair from our trained technicians, you are entitled to our VIP, queue-free service. All you need to do is to make Online Reservation using Carlcare App, and you can avoid the queues or wait at the center. 

Budget-friendly Protection

Phone repairs are quite expensive these days, and the risk of them just increases as your phone gets older. For example, a simple software update can cost you somewhere around Rs 200-300. Sometimes you need repair against phone running slow, charging problems, etc. And they are not cheap when you get quality, original repair. Carlcare extended warranty is a way to manage these repair expenses in an economical way. You just have to pay once to buy the warranty card- that too is very nominal.

Having the plan activated, you enjoy the benefits of warranty benefits and FREE repair against mechanical failures. 

Enhance Phone’s trade-in Value

Many customers neglect this benefit of an extended warranty plan. A phone that’s covered with an extended warranty will anywhere be considered of a higher trade-in value if you decide to sell it. 

Extended Warranty Card Price

The price of warranty cards is pretty reasonable and transparent. Check the price list for key TECNO, Infinix and itel phone models below.

Phone Models  Extended warranty period  Price-Rs.
TECNO Spark Series Additional 365 days Rs.599
TECNO Camon Series  Additional 365 days Rs.799
Infinix Hot & Smart series Additional 365 days Rs.599
Infinix Note & S Series Additional 365 days Rs.799
Infinix Zero Series  Additional 365 days Rs.1199.00
itel Phone Additional 365 days Rs.499


You could make an online reservation now here or from the link below to buy the extended warranty card and also locate a service center. If the listed Carlcare service centers are not close, then you could also find more Carlcare service centers here to buy the extended warranty card.  Besides, you can also buy the extended warranty card from mobile retail stores. 


How to Activate Extended Warranty Through Carlcare App?

Follow the below steps to activate the warranty extended card

  1. Open Carlcare App and tap on the ‘Protection Package’ Module. There, choose ‘Extended Warranty Service’
  2. Click ‘Verify and Activate’ button, after verification please choose the package you purchased.
  3. Enter the card number and password, your name and phone number to the extended warranty.

If the above steps are not working please choose the ‘Extended Warranty’ module and input your IMEI No. For any assistance, feel free to contact us!

Carlcare is the authorized service center for Itel, Infinix, and TECNO, aiming to revolutionize the repairing experience through its customer-centric services & support, and impressive turnaround time, and various value-added services. We’re committed to providing our customers with impeccable repair service at our state-of-the-art service centers, spread in over 55 countries globally. In India, we’re growing rapidly, having over 930 service centers in more than 700 towns, including some remote parts of the country.