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"Unlock Prizes with Carlcare: Join Our App Campaign!"

Introduction: Are you ready for an exciting opportunity to win amazing prizes while experiencing top-notch customer service? Look no further than the Carlcare app campaign! We invite you to download and register on the Carlcare app during the campaign period to become eligible for participation. Engage with our blog posts, answer quiz questions, and stand a chance to win fantastic rewards. Read on to learn more about the mechanics and how you can join this thrilling campaign.

The campaign will start on 19th June and end on 30th June’23
Step 1: Register on the Carlcare App: To kickstart your journey towards winning, simply download the Carlcare app from your Google app store and complete the registration process. This will ensure your eligibility for participation in the campaign. Don't miss out on this opportunity to explore a range of exclusive services and benefits offered through the app!

Step 2: Engage with our Blog Posts: Throughout the campaign period, we will be publishing a series of informative and engaging blog posts related to Carlcare services. Stay tuned to our website or the Carlcare app for the latest articles. We encourage you to read each post attentively and comment on our posts along with the Complete name and city.

Step 3: Answer Quiz Questions: Within each blog post, we will include three quiz questions related to Carlcare services. After reading the article, head to the comment section and provide the correct answers to the quiz questions. Make sure to double-check your responses before submitting them..

Step 4: Comment on the posts within the Designated Timeframe: Please ensure you post your answers in the comment section from 19th June and end on 30th June’23. Submissions must be on time to be considered for the prize draw.

Step 5: Comment on All the Blog Posts: To increase your chances of winning, we encourage you to comment on all the blog posts published during the campaign month. By actively engaging with our content, you'll not only gain knowledge but also increase your odds of being selected as a winner.

Step 6: Random Selection of Winners: Once the submission period ends, our team will randomly select winners from the pool of participants who have commented on all the blog posts within the campaign month. The more posts you engage with, the greater your chances of winning! Keep an eye out for the announcement of the lucky winners.

Prize: 3 lucky winners will be entitled to will an Amazon Voucher worth Rs.- 1000/-