One Year Phone Replacement Service Offer for itel Users in India

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Manoj Kumar

At Carlcare, customer satisfaction remains the utmost priority. In addition to our existing value-added services formulated to serve you better, we’re here to introduce you to a new "One-year phone replacement service" which itel has launched on its two feature phone series: Power & Muzik. As the name indicates, this new service ensures itel phone users great peace of mind, as it will allow them to replace their phone with a new one if it gets damaged within the set warranty period and as long as it matches the required service criteria. Want to know more about this service? We'll get to that in a second. 

 one year phone replacement service for parts of itel phone

Who Can Avail “One Year Replacement Service”?

As mentioned earlier this policy is launched exclusively for itel Power and Muzik Series. If you buy a phone (Power or Muzik Series) between 15th March 2021 and 30th April 2021, you’ll be entitled to enjoy this service. Please note that the phone must be bought and activated within this specific time-frame: 15th March 2021 and 30th April 2021.

We feel as twice as bad as you do when your itel phone suddenly breakdown for no worthy reasons. The feeling is annoying. But with this new "One-Year Phone Replacement Service" by itel and Carlcare in India, we're ready to ease your frustrations, and put a smile on your face. As per the policy, if your Power or Muzik series itel phone gets issues within a year of purchase, we will provide you a new handset of the same model and specs. No need to worry about the hassle and time consumption of getting it repaired. You simply visit the Carlcare service center with required documents, and get your phone replaced with a new one as long as it matches the required service criteria.

What itel phone models are involved in this service?

For a start, this "One-Year Phone Replacement Service" is only available to a certain number of itel phone models in India that are listed below. If you buy and activate any of the following itel phone models between 15th March 2021 and 30th April 2021, and it got damaged naturally due to non-artificial damage, we will replace it with a new itel phone for you at your request, provided the old phone is still within one year of warranty.

Here are the few itel phone models involved in the service. As you can see from the table below, we've picked nine itel phone models for the offer. They feature 6 models from the Power series and 3 models from the Music series. So, you have the freedom to buy a model from the series of your choice.

itel Phone Series

Itel phone models

Service ( only valid when you buy and activate the phone from 15t March 2021 to 30th April 2021






Power Series


One-year phone replacement


One-year phone replacement


One-year phone replacement


One-year phone replacement


One-year phone replacement


One-year phone replacement

Muzik Series




One-year phone replacement


One-year phone replacement


One-year phone replacement


The terms and conditions for phone replacement

As earlier stated, the phone replacement service is available only to a few numbers of itel phone models now with the agreement that it must be under warranty and must not have been damaged artificially.

Considering that, the phone replacement service is invalid under the following scenarios:

Unauthorized disassemble, repair or maintenance

We can't replace your itel phone if you have operated manually or in another service centre other than Carlcare.

Before we can replace your itel phone, we'll confirm if it has been disassembled, repaired or maintained in an unauthorized service centre before. If such happens, we can't replace it for you. So, ensure you only visit Carlcare Service centres when you have any problem with your itel phone. We're the only authorized service provider for itel customers in India, and we keep your warranty.

Artificial damages

We can't replace your itel phone if it has any artificial damages such as physical damages, fluid entry, excessive extrusion or deformed mainboard, etc. So, you need to take proper care of your phone to be qualified to get this offer - avoid using your phone under harsh weather, handle it tight so it doesn't fall into the water, attach a protective case and screen guard if necessary.

Damages caused by improper maintenance

Itel has a user guide manual and a set of instructions, which you're required to abide by while using your itel phone. If damages are caused by not following the instructions, we can't replace your itel phone. Such instructions include using only the original charger, not rooting or unlocking the boot loader of your phone, etc. If your itel phone got damaged after using a forbidden charger, for instance, we can't replace it for you. Check your user manual to know more about the instructions and maintenance guide.

Invalid purchase/warranty document

We can't replace your itel phone if the purchase/warranty document is inconsistent with the product or when the proof is altered or tampered with

Anti-disassembly Label or Battery bin sticker is removed or blurry

checking for unauthorized repair service, we also take the anti-disassembling label and battery bin sticker into critical consideration before we can replace your itel phone. In case the stickers have been removed or no longer readable, we can't replace your itel phone.

Out of warranty

As mentioned earlier, we're providing this phone replacement service for few itel phones used within one year of warranty. So, your phone must be under warranty before we can consider a replacement.

Damaged due to force majeure

And finally, if your itel phone gets damaged by an unforeseen circumstance, we can't replace it for you. Instead, you can come for regular repair service at Carlcare, and we'll serve you better.