Carlcare brings forth doorstep AC repair service in India

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Manoj Kumar

Striving to help you live in comfort and keep your home and working place cool, Carlcare brings forth the Air Conditioner repair service to your doorstep in India. We all know how important it is to have your Air Conditioner working when you need it, as well as the disasters it may cause when it gets faulty unexpectedly.

As the official after-sales service provider for TECNO, Infinix, and the prominent smartphone brand in India, itel, Carlcare is popularly known and trusted for providing top-notch mobile repair and IT services. One factor that has helped over the years is our level of professionalism in meeting our customers' needs in the mobile repair market.

Note: You can book an online doorstep AC repair or maintenance service here

Now, with the AC repair service business in India, we aim to channel more of our might to make people live comfortably across India. And one way we could achieve that is by gearing up ourselves to provide the best-in-class and affordable Air Conditioner repair service at your doorstep.

Just like our reliable mobile repair services, we provide extensive AC services at your doorstep in India. Whether you want to install a new Air Conditioner, remove or change the location of your existing one, or maybe you need maintenance services like gas filling and leakage repair, Carlcare got you covered! And it doesn't matter what brand or type of Air Conditioner you have. Our Carlcare-trained technicians have a wide range of knowledge about the major Air Conditioners sold beyond and inside India. They can diagnose quickly, know where to operate, and have the standard tools for repairing your AC.

At an affordable price with a decent discount (up to 20%), we can help you install, uninstall, or fix the problems you're having with your AC. All you need is just call to order for AC repair service. We will send an authorized Carlcare technician to fix it for you.

What benefits do we offer you?

  1. Up to 20% off discounts

Whether you're ordering for AC servicing, installation/removal, or gas charging, you stand a chance to get up to 20% price discounts at Carlcare. Even though our service prices are affordable already, getting a 20% discount makes it super-affordable, and you can go ahead and spend the money on something else.

  1. Doorstep AC repair service

Whether at your home or in your office, we can always send a professional, Carlcare-authorized Air Conditioner technician to you. Your location is not a barrier. As long as you live around India, you can be rest assured to get remedies to your malfunctioning Air Conditioner at your doorstep.

  1. Professional repair and quality service

We're popularly known in over 50 countries across the world for our high-quality mobile repair services and ensuring customers' satisfaction. We're doubling the same strength and energy in fixing your malfunctioning Air Conditioner. When you order a doorstep Air Conditioner repair service in India, you get a well-trained, proficient AC technician to fix/service your Air Conditioner. We train our technicians regularly, and they make use of modern tools, which guarantees you quality and fast service.

  1. 30 days of warranty

We're indeed proud of the services we render and abide by our motto - "yes we care!" Besides our fast and reliable repair service, we offer you a 30days warranty after repairing/servicing your AC. This gives you peace of mind that you'll get continuous support from us. If you notice unusual circumstances during this 30 days warranty, we'll help you fix it FREE of charge.

  1. Convenience and online support

From booking our professional AC repair service to contacting us for support, our customer support is firm! You can contact us at your convenience via our hotline number or by talking through support on our website.

How to Book Carlcare AC Repair Service?

Customers who need our professional AC repair service can painlessly put up a call on our company's hotline number (18004190525) to make a consultation about their faulty Air Conditioner and schedule a doorstep repair service right away.

Alternatively, you can submit a query form on our website to schedule a doorstep service with us conveniently.

Right from the inception, we've taken a bold step in serving humanity with our reliable services. Predominantly as a mobile repairer, we've spread our wings across other repair services for brands like Syinix Electronics and Sun King. Now in the AC repair market, we strive to put a smile on the face of many other people with our team of experts and professional services.