Carlcare App Hits 20 Million Monthly Active Users Worldwide

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Abraham Miller

When innovation meets persistent passion, success follows! Carlcare App’s recent remarkable growth is a true testament to this quote. Just within a year, the Carlcare app subscriptions have doubled, from 10 million active monthly users in November 2019 to a milestone of 20 million active monthly users in September 2020, demonstrating its great usefulness and an impressive level of user engagement. 

A global leader in the phone repair service industry, Carlcare always strives to provide its customers with best-in-class repairs and memorable service experiences. The Carlcare app, launched in 2015, has been fuelling up these efforts and commitment, having packed with a superior suite of online functionalities and wonderful features that ensure smartphone users extra peace of mind about the care and safety of their devices. Carlcare app is actually designed to make the customers access our premium range of services- repair solutions, after-sale support, and various value-added services- all from the comfort of their home. These great privileges are why the app garners so immense patronage from around the world. 


Other than a simple, yet interactive user-interface, what makes the Carlcare app stand out is its list of unique services, especially for TECNO, Itel, and Infinix phone users. Carlcare is the only authorized after-sale service center for these brands, and the app plays a key role to ensure these users get the services and support they require easily and hassle-free. 

The Online Reservation function entitles you to make an advance appointment for our mobile phone repair services. This means you don’t have to wait in the queue as you get our fast & VIP service when at our offline store. Carlcare App’s other notable feature is ‘Online Chat’ that comes in handy when you need immediate suggestions or support from our service experts. It lets you have a live chat with our agent, who will efficiently help to resolve your query or concern – without having to visit the service center. Besides, you can access the price lists of spare parts, phone repair status, and location of your nearest service center- all at your fingertips. 

The most recently added feature “protection package” allows you to know and avail our unique value-added services like Extended Warranty Cards and Free Screen Replacement insurance. Similarly, there’s a ‘news section’ to keep you abreast of interesting industry news, phone repair tips, and our special deals. Carlcare App also has a feature to clear your phone’s cache data and enhance its speed & performance. With so much to offer, it’s not hard to understand why the app is so sought-after among millions of smartphone users worldwide.

While thanking you for your immense support, we assure you that we’ll continue upgrading and innovating our app functionalities so you get to explore new perks and privileges which you deserve as a Carlcare customer. Those who haven’t registered to the app yet, it’s available for FREE on Google play store with an impressive review rating of 4.4/5. Go get it to enjoy hassle-free repair solutions, impeccable customer support, and innovative contests and quizzes- all within the palm of your hands.