How to fix fingerprint sensor not working on Infinix Phone

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Abraham Miller

The fingerprint sensor is one of the commonly used security methods on Android today. It doesn't just strengthen the security level alone, but also makes the unlocking experience faster and a lot better. Just place your finger on the sensor and before you know it, the phone is unlocked already. However, as any part of the phone can be, the fingerprint sensor is also not available sometimes due to defects.

Either it's unable to detect your fingers, takes longer time to unlock, or the fingerprint sensor is damaged, this post will guide you on how to fix fingerprint sensor not working on Infinix Phone

 fix fingerprint sensor not working on infinix


Below are some common reasons why the finger sensor is not working on your Infinix phone. Please endeavour to try out the fixes mentioned there to get it working as new again.


1.Software bug 

One of the reasons why the fingerprint sensor won't work is because there is a system dysfunction that led the sensor to malfunction.

Try to check if you have a pending update and install it to fix the problem. To install a system update, kindly navigate to Settings >> System >> System update >> Online update. Download and install the update if there is any. Try to use the fingerprint again and check if it works.

2.Clear Cache and Restart the phone

The fingerprint sensor not responding may be a trait from system cache and junk, especially if you've been using your phone for a couple of days without restarting it.

Kindly clear Junk files with the Phone Master app on your Infinix phone and restart the device.

To clear junk files with Phone Master...

  • Open Phone Master app from your drawer
  • Tap on 'Junk Files'
  • Wait for it to finish collecting junk files and tap 'Clean'

Moreover, don't forget to restart the phone as it can help fix a lot of software-related issues.

  1. Dirt or water

Did you just got out of the bathroom and couldn't unlock your phone using the fingerprint? Or, are you in the workshop with the hands dirty? You might not be able to use the fingerprint sensor right away.

The touch id is not working  if your finger or the scanner is dirty. Try cleaning the sensor with a damp cloth wetted with alcohol(do not use water). Nonetheless, if you don't have alcohol, clean the sensor with a cloth sprinkled with water(little)

  1. Add new fingerprint

If you have cleaned the sensor (following the guidelines described above) and the fingerprint is still not working on phone, the next thing to try is recalibrating the fingerprint, that is, add a new fingerprint.

This can help if your finger is dirty or there are some noticeable marks or lines on your finger.

To add a new fingerprint, kindly follow the steps below.

  • Open the Settings app from your drawer or quickly tap on the gear icon in the quick setting panel to open Settings
  • Scroll down and tap 'Security' in the Settings page
  • Tap 'Fingerprint' and then select 'Fingerprint Management' from the list.
  • Confirm your screen lock pin/password/pattern
  • Select 'Create fingerprint' and a fingerprint with another finger different from the one you used before.

Try locking and unlocking the device again with the new finger to check if it's now working. If id touch is still not working on Android, you can delete the existing fingerprint for your favourite finger and recalibrate it again following the procedure above.

If it's still not working, proceed to any other solution below.

  1. Reset your Infinix device.

This is usually the last suggested fix to try on your own to fix the problem.  Normally, performing a hard reset can help fix a variety of software-related issues such as wiping out a virus, etc., including the problem that caused your Infinix phone fingerprint to stop working.

You can now perform a reset by going to Settings >> System >> Reset option >> Erase all data(factory reset). Confirm your password and wait for the reset to complete. You can safely restore your data now. Try adding a new fingerprint to confirm if it's working. If you couldn't add a fingerprint, continue to the next solution below.

Note: However, you'll lose all of your data including apps, games, videos, pictures, and everything on the phone in the process. You should backup your data before doing so.

  1. The fingerprint sensor is damaged

When you can no longer add a fingerprint, that means the sensor is damaged. This may be caused if the phone had fallen recently or the hardware is scratched with a metal or by software bugs. The last thing to try is visiting a nearest Carlcare service center to get it repaired.

  1. Find the official service centre

If you've tried all the fixes above and the fingerprint is still not working, there's a possibility that the sensor is damaged, or has a problem you can not fix by yourself.


This is where Carlcare comes in. Carlcare is the official after-sales service provider to fix your Infinix phone. Our engineers can help you diagnose and fix or replace your Infinix fingerprint with an original one.